19-Sep-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Just Starting out and Looking for a bed.. mattress and bed frame needed . donations welcome
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a washer and dryer.
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I recently moved and had to leave some furniture behind.I could use a loveseat.Also need delivered because I have no way to get it
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a few nice, solid bottles for making 2nd fermentation kombucha.
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
We have probably 3-dozen egg cartons and want to start propagating some seeds, but we'll need pots for transplanting once they get bigger. Looking to pick up several. Thank you.
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for 2x4s and plywood.
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a fermentation 1-GAL crock. Would prefer a proper wide-mouth fermentation crock that has an airlock, but equally fine with taking a commercial pickle jar. Thank you!
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Hello I run an organization hope for the homeless Az. One of my amazing volunteers who recently came out of homelessness is in need. Her daughter asked for a real bed and Dresser for her 16th birthday. They have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor. If you can help please let me know. Ps. I have a small suv so may need help taking it to them. Thank you ahead of time. Bethany and 59th ave
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of washcloths for the Blessing Bags I'm working on for the homeless. I need 20. Also any items to put in their hygiene kit will help me out too. For the outreach program I need 4- 1"rubber leg tips for an iron board. The iron board is white but I'm not picky on the color of the caps or if all caps match when I'm asking a great group of "Freecyclers". I also thought if I don't get th...
19-Sep-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Description We are a small recycling company in the Phoenix area. Looking for ewaste for recycling commercial and residential. Computers,flat screen tvs & monitors,wires,audio/video,and music equipment,and medical equipment are some examples of ewaste- throwing in the trash is very bad for the environment leaves toxins and doesn't decompose. //please no old TVs or CRT monitors // We don't have ...
5-Sep-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a H&K 45TacticL set light/laser w mount suppression and H&K MP5. Ad number: #368278389 Contact: Tom City: Phoenix, AZ Zip: 85004 Price: OBO
29-Aug-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
hi all, i'm looking for one of these dolls for my 5 year old niece. she really wants one, but no one can afford it right now. if your daughter doesnt play with hers anymore, and would be willing to rehome it, my niece would take really good care of it :)
29-Aug-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for an American girl type doll for my niece. shes 5, and would really like a doll that looks like her (like one her age). preferably Caucasian, but I think she'd appreciate any race. I can make clothing for it, so thats not a big deal. its just that the dolls themselves are pretty expensive, and I currently have no money. so if anyone has one that their child no longer plays with, ...
29-Aug-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
my 5 year old niece has wanted one for awhile, but they're pricey, so no one has been able to get one for her yet. if you have one lying around somewhere that the kids dont play with anymore, it would really make her day :)
28-Aug-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a free table tennis. I'll pick up. Thank you!
28-Aug-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a free table tennis. I'll pick up. Thank you!
Looking for a Pool Vacuum.
27-Aug-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I found someone who's offering me 2 iron boards with NO padded cover. I have 2 irons. Now I need someone who has 2 pad covers for the iron boards. Then the next step is to get 2 volunteers to do some ironing for our future outreach program. Any one of you freecyclers have a iron board pad cover or 2?
27-Aug-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I have a pet duck. I need a plastic kiddie pool for his dog run kennel when he is in it. I would really appreciate it. He would too!
26-Aug-2018Surprise, AZ+7 milesItems Wanted
Need large and small moving boxes, please and thank you.
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