14-Nov-2018Surprise, AZ+7 milesItems Wanted
Office is moving and need moving boxes. Thanks
13-Nov-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
with or without chairs.
12-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Searching for free large boxes to move. Thank you!
12-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Sturdy large suitcase for air travel. Thanking you in advance. Gerri 602373-1369
10-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I m am in want of a working coffee pot or a French press.
10-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I am in want of a working food processor. Please and thank you.
9-Nov-2018Surprise, AZ+7 milesItems Wanted
I'm having knee replacement surgery and will need a 2-wheeled walker and a raised toilet seat. If anyone has either of these items I would appreciate being able to borrow them for approximately 6 weeks. Thank You.
8-Nov-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
I had my converter box that allows my older TV to receive signal without having cable TV. If someone has one that isn't necessary in your house anymore I'd really like to be able to watch the news again. This technology is also built in to new flat screen TV's. Either one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, please reply to ddeaton312@gmail.com
8-Nov-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I'm in search of a baby crib, preferably in good shape. I have leukemia and i currently unable to work because of it. If you can help in any way please reach out to me. I could possibly pay a small fee and could pick it up. Thank you for your time and God bless.
8-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has wood pieces of decent lengths, I would be able to use them for a project!
8-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
It would be a blessing to me. Thank you so much
I have a new kitten & need a cat tree for him to scratch.
5-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Both myself and my girlfriend moved to Phoenix from Massachusetts. I am short on all household goods and am hoping someone has some spare items. Also if anyone has any spare parts i'd love to have them to rebuild any sort of gaming PC. Thanks!
5-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Hi i am looking for size 3-6 month girls pants and pajamas and im looking for any 6-9 month girl clothes
5-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for cardboard egg cartons for project that will be burned. Any size is great. Willing to pick up Thanks!
4-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I have mild case of Cerebral Palsy and as I get older my legs are getting weaker, so I am looking to see if anyone has a shower chair that they are willing to part with. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
3-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have an old gas range oven that they want to get rid of free of charge or reasonably priced for an elderly gentleman?
3-Nov-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
New kindergarten teacher needing alphabet letters for classroom spelling centers
3-Nov-2018Glendale, AZ+4 milesItems Wanted
New kindergarten teacher in need of small bookshelves or cubes for picture books.
3-Nov-2018Phoenix, AZ+14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for 1 or 2 large appliance boxes.
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