Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Peoria, IL

I have a 125 gallon fish tank for sale of rocks filter light and hood

Fish tank

Porch pick up in East Peoria. Barely used.
Fish tank measures 24 across x 12.5 deep x 16.5 tall not counting the lid. Used for fresh water fish only. No cracks etc. Includes tank, lid, stand, fish food, new filter, filter, rocks, plants and decor, new bottle of Aqua safe water starter, start Zyme (another water starter). Lid lights has daylight and blue led night night built in. Stands left side door was fixed and they used too long of ...
Fish Tank could use a good cleaning, but works great. Has light and filtration system. I bought a new stand for it which was over $100, but didn t have the energy to set it up. Pick up in Mossville
New in pack. $5 for both.
comes with magnum350,protein skimmer,penguin back filter for carbon or media of choice,bio reactor 150 watt hi spectrum led hanging light,80lbs live sand and little over 100lbs of live rock along with over $100 in coral plus very nice heater not sure if I got all listed only been set up about 6 months over $1600 invested $500 in sand and live rock alone.
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